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     Praise only able to be embraced momentarily, his attention was quickly seized by the latter of the other’s response.


     “‘Once remembered’…? Have you been gone from the city for some time?”

A halfhearted chuckle as he lingered his stare, noting the other’s strange appearance. Gray locks of hair slightly resembled a figure that Minamimoto detested …

"I was here when this little shindig first started, 000. I guess you can say, I’ve learned the ins and outs. Me and the brain-dead binomials you all have dubbed ‘the scientists’ have an understanding. Every chance they feel threatened, they ship me back home."



"Maybe a little— but hey, you’re the one that caught me off guard with a math problem." 

QED! Class is dismissed! You passed round one, but can you do it twice - even thrice over, numeral? You better stay on your Ps and Qs, or else … CRUNCH! Added to the heap.”


"Is that so? Then I take it that your levels of math are quite beyond those of most that you’ve tested?"


"Precisely. Although I wouldn’t limit it to solely mathematics. My intellect > a majority of these 000s. Could you not tell?”


     He can’t help a small laugh. “Certainly. It’s… -1,299. 


     ”How about it? Did I meet your expectations?”

A slanting of eyes as he skeptically examined the other.

"Not half bad, n factorial. You all aren’t nearly as stupid as I once remembered."