Welcome, you hollow-skulled hectopascals. You're now in the presence of greatness.



As he stammered about in a panic, the prodigal mathematician let loose an irritated huff, slumping in defeat as he halted from his search.

"Where could that blasted megaphone be … ?"



"What the—-"


"Pi Face?! What’re you—-"

The change in scenery didn’t even seem to be what was affecting him most right now, but more so Sho’s appearance before him. The last time he saw him he’d seemingly become part of his own artwork. But well here he was and as much of an annoyance as Neku remembered.

A smug expression coiled upon the brim of his lips as he stood still for a few moments, grabbing the tip of his cap as he let loose a series of victorious chuckles - albeit prematurely.

"(S)ome (O)ld (H)orses (C)an (A)lways (H)ear (T)heir (O)wner (A)pproach. You didn’t think I’d be gone forever now - did you? So zetta moronic.”

He gloated. Coming in contact with both Joshua and Neku alike seemed to spark purpose within Leo Cantus. Without a doubt, his hunting instincts would threaten to get the best of him.

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Houka knew those numbers. It was basic enough, wasn’t it?

Pi? What a strange thing to be muttering out randomly.


I’m guessing you’re a fan of math?

Eyes slanted as he quirked a brow at the man before him, snickering underneath his breath.


"It’s a way of life, kilopascal! Once you’ve unlocked the key to numerics, you’ll hold enough power to change the universe!"

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The boy folds an arm across his chest, the other propped upon it in order to hold his chin in mock-thought. Tinny voices don’t exactly come hand in hand with psychotic but beggars can’t be choosers, so Joshua only watches in silent interest. 


"I wonder if your calculation would be even more precise if you reached the end of pi."

A chuckle escapes his mouth as he notices the familiar boy standing before him, both a bit perturbed by his presence and somehow ecstatic. In actuality, he figured the other male may have retained abilities of his own considering he was not privy to how long the individual had been a civilian of the city, but there was no way he was going to make the other aware of his limitations.

"Hey, who gives a digit? You’re of no concern to me now that you’re a captive in this sham as well. I’m pretty sure they’ve limited your potential since you’re outside of the game, radian. Am I wrong?"

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